Berliana Monoline Script

Berliana Monoline typeface was inspired by handwriting using markers. While the name is a word other than Diamonds, namely jewelry worn by many women in the world. Diamond jewelry is so expensive and full of luxury. As regards with diamonds, this font was created to present the luxury of a very beautiful diamonds. This font is suitable for wedding invitations, design, logo or branding, or as the font for the typhography.
Special thanks to Junanobi for creating and sharing this free sample!
This is just demo of Berliana Monoline with basic characters and personal license only. If you wish to access more features and use it for commercial work, purchase the full version. Full version support 16 LANGUAGES : Afrikaans – Albanian – Danish – Dutch – Estonian – Finnish – French – German – Italian – Norwegian – Portugese – Slovak – Slovenian – Spanisch – Swedish – Zulu. Many features in this font such as ligatures, stylistic alternate, fina, swashes, etc with total more than 370++ Glyphs. Need to test words in this font?

Just type below and you will see the results of this font.


When zombies arrive quickly fax judge Pat


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